Panchalimedu is located within 7 km from Mundakkayam to Kuttikanam and extends up to Kottayam to Kumali road in Idukki district in Kerala. It is located at an attitude of about 2500 ft above the sea level. According to myth, it is believed that once Pandavas resided in this place during their exile time. In addition, it is also said that the ponds seen next to a small temple is the place where Pandavas wife Panchali took bath. For this reason, it got the name Panchalimedu. A cave is also seen in this place, which holds the footprints of Bhima. A small temple is also located which is devoted to Goddess Bhubaneswari.  You can also see the leftovers of Siva lingam, Naga, and Thrishul sculpture in this place. It is fully enclosed with hills, which make you relax and give peaceful mind set up.

It has a pleasant climate throughout the year, which is one of the reasons to attract the tourist to this place. The total rainfall this place is about 3250 mm. The southwest monsoon season for this place begins from June to August and northeast monsoon begins from October to November.

Other Attractions

Other attractions seen in this place is Vallinankavu located within 4 km away from this place.  It is a Malayaraya tribal Village where an old temple of this community is located. Other major attraction of this place is Makarajyothi can be seen from this place during Makarasankranthi days. Other tourist destination located close to this place is Mundakkayam. A cliff is situated on the western side of this place and you will be able to see the sea from this place when the sky is clear. Panchalimedu is the ideal place for doing trekking, which is the one of the chief attractions of this place.

How to Reach

Buses are available from Kottayam to Valliankavu. From Valliankavu you have to reach this place through trekking about 3 hrs. Nearest railway station to Panchalimedu is Kottayam railway station.

Panchalimedu Location Map

[mapurl href=",+Kerala&hl=en&sll=10.148353,77.259293&sspn=0.225413,0.41851&hnear=Panchalimedu,+Idukki,+Kerala&t=m&z=15"] [/mapurl]

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