Mangrove Forest in Kerala

Mangrove Forest

Mangrove Forest is located after the high court of Kerala in the Ernakulam district. It is a small bird sanctuary. The south side of the place is covered by Ernakulam railway station, in north and east side is covered with Bharath Petroleum Company and on the west side Salim Ali road and Central Marine Fisheries Research centre is located. It covers an area of about 2.74 hectare. It has small lake located in the middle and it is enclosed with Mangrove trees. The lake in the Mangrove forest is linked with backwater through inland waterway. It is also called as Mangalavanam Mangrove forest. It is famous for its Mangrove trees and also popular for the migratory birds and local birds seen in Mangrove forest.

Mangrove forest is popularly called as “Green lung of Ernakulam. In the year 2004 on august 31st it was stated as secured place. It is the home for the both flora, for local birds and for migratory birds. Once this place is used to cultivate the tree and it is used for the Yester. During this time timber was exported to different countries. Currently this cultivation stopped in this place. The guesthouse in the Mangrove forest is remodeled in the year 1986. Proper staffs were appointed to take care of the birds. The unusual types of trees like teak and eucalyptus trees are cultivated in this place in earlier time. More than 41 types of birds were seen in Mangrove forest. The rare birds seen here are Black crowned Night Heron and Little Cormorant. Many types of birds can be seen here during the month of May and July. House crow are seen here in large number and we can also see the killer birds like eagle here. They will live in the nest of other types of birds. Birds visit to this place from long distance like from Kashmir and even from Siberia.

Tourism – Mangroves in Kerala

Best time to visit this place from the month of middle of January to beginning of March. Many lodges and hotels are available in Ernakulam. It is very easy to reach this place through taxi, auto or by bus. Buses, auto and taxis are operated from Ernakulam to Mangrove forest.

Mangrove Forest Map Location

[mapurl href=",+Koottuli,+Kozhikode,+Kerala&hl=en&sll=10.181956,76.51396&sspn=0.014087,0.026157&oq=Mangrove+Forest&hq=Mangrove+Forests,+Koottuli,+Kozhikode,+Kerala&t=m&z=16"][/mapurl]

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