Kuttichira Jama Palli


Kerala has many tourist destinations to visit. In that Kuttichira is one of the famous attractive tourist places in it. Once it was residence of wealthy merchants of Zamorin period. It is also believed that these merchants were the traveller from Middle East. It has large number of traditional wooden old mosque in it which is constructed from the golden age. In that Kuttichira Jama Palli is one of the old and famous mosques in Kuttichira.

About Kuttichira Jama Palli

Kuttichira Jama Palli is located in the centre of Mishkal mosque and Muchundi palli. In 14th century it is also called as Jama Palli. It is one of the ancient mosques sited in this place. In Kerala it is the only mosque with huge floor area which can hold 1000 people at a time. It is also well known for its architectural style. It was constructed in traditional Kerala style of architecture method. The difficult wood carving works are done inside the mosque. The walls in the mosque are engraved with the messages in Arab language. The ceiling is designed with geographical designs and pictures like lotus are seen. Some stone writings also found in this mosque which displays the history of the Zamorins of Kozhikode and strengthen of Islam religion in this place which is spread by them. Only Muslim people are allowed inside the mosque other can see just outside or walk around the mosque.

Festival in Kuttichira Jama Palli

The annual festival of Kuttichira Jama Palli is celebrated during the month of April. It is known as Nercha festival celebrated in grand manner every year. It is celebrated for four days with lot of happiness and with huge pomp. The burial place of Malappuram Shaheed is located next to this mosque.

Kuttichira Jama Palli Location Map

[mapurl href="https://www.google.co.in/maps?q=Kuttichira,+Kozhikode,+Kerala&hl=en&ll=11.239232,75.790644&spn=0.028076,0.052314&sll=11.546298,75.95192&sspn=0.224362,0.41851&oq=Kuttichira+&hnear=Kuttichira,+Kozhikode,+Kerala&t=m&z=15"]http://www.tourismindiatravel.com/kerala/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Kuttichira-Jama-Palli.jpg[/mapurl]


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