Ananthapuram Temple


Ananthapuram temple is located within 15 km away from north eastern side of Kasargod district. It is believed to be belonged to 9thcentury and it is an isolated temple.  It has totally 7 idols in it which is made up of 64 ayurvedic medicines. It is one of the ancient and famous temples in Kerala. Other significant of the temple is it is the only temple in this state located with lake.


Ananthapuram temple is enclosed with abundant green sceneries which add more beauty to this place. It is surrounded with beautiful Veranda known as Chuttambalam.  The chief deity of this temple is Lord Vishnu. The idol of the main god is seated on the Aadiseshan. Other gods worshipped in the temple are Sri Devi, Hanuman, Boodevi and Garuda. The lake located in the temple is believed to be the original seat of Lord Vishnu.
Other attractive place to visit near the temple is a lake located in the temple. This lake is the residing place of prominent crocodile which is called as Babia. This crocodile is said to be protector of the Lord Vishnu. The main offering for this crocodile is mixture of Rice and jaggery. It is also said that if the crocodile in the lake disappears another crocodile takes it part.

Ananthapuram Temple

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